Land the Big One with Big Fish SGI

Want to catch a boatload of fish in the Gulf of Mexico? You’ve come to the right place! Big Fish SGI offers unforgettable St. George Island fishing adventures. Captain Clint can take groups of up to six anglers on each fishing trip. On his spacious, 28-foot Contender, he’ll motor your group out to between 10 and 55 miles on the Gulf of Mexico’s prolific federally controlled waters. Captain Clint will take you to various reefs, wrecks and towers where you’re guaranteed to catch a cooler full of fish!

Depending on the season and the type of fishing trip, here are just a few of the species you’ll catch with Big Fish SGI:

Captain Clint from Big Fish SGI holding Grouper
Father and son holding red snappers
Team Big Fish Charters with Happy Anglers holding a huge Mahi
Mahi Mahi
Sailfish Caught on Offshore Charter with Big Fish SGI
deep sea fishing charters
Two Anglers and Captain Clint holding Amberjack Fish Caught Offshore
Offshore anglers holding blackfin tuna caught on trip
Blackfin Tuna
Angler holding catch from deep sea trip

No matter how massive, Captain Clint and his first mate and fiancée Christine will help you fight these monsters all the way to boat. It’s the offshore St. George Island fishing experience of a lifetime!

Guaranteed Fish! (If You Don’t Catch, You Don’t Pay.)

Big Fish SGI is proud to offer a fish guarantee. In other words, if you don’t catch anything, you don’t have to pay for the trip. It’s that simple! But Captain Clint guarantees that you’ll catch something—whether you want to take home a cooler full of fish for dinner or prefer to snap some keepsake photos of the impressive monsters you landed.

Depending the season and the type of fish targeted, Captain Clint averages around 35 “keeper” fish for each offshore fishing trip. With more than a decade of professional charter fishing experience, Capt. Clint is truly an expert in his field. Over the years, he has also won numerous fishing tournaments, and he has the skills and top-of-the-line gear to target specific species of fish. This is why he can guarantee you’ll catch something every time on Big Fish SGI adventures.

Even better, you won’t even have to clean the fish you catch. Captain Clint expertly handles all the fish cleaning right at the dock! Just be sure to bring a cooler, and Captain Clint will clean and individually bag each fish you catch. Big Fish SGI has an ice machine onsite, so can keep your fresh fish nice and cold.